River island garden project

The BENDERDIGGER project is about introducing our youth to slow foods through sustainable gardening and wild food foraging.  Literally starting from the ground up we will introduce them to new gardening practices such as hugelkulture, year round gardening, harvesting and cooking.  

  The program takes place in River Island Subdivision in Evans, GA.  Please click on Events to see the program outline.  

About us - The Benderdigger program is a branch of Benderdinker.  The BENDERDINKER is a kayak/canoe event with concerts and local foods on the water.  The event takes place the last weekend in April after the Masters.  The proceeds from the event support this program as well as Augusta Locally Grown in bringing awareness to the slow foods movement.  Augusta Locally Grown is the organization in charge of the Evans Towne Farmers Market and is dedicated to educating the public about local agriculture and healthy food options.  We will be working with Augusta Locally Grown closely to provide us with speakers, demonstrations, volunteers, and knowledge. 

The founder of the Benderdinker & Benderdigger -Kristina Williams is a resident of River Island and a mother of two.  She believes that food is medicine, and  in order to live a healthy life and avoid disease one should start with what we put into our body.  "Our youth are 
overwhelmed with processed foods, we need to teach them about eating real food and we need to start by showing them how to garden and harvest some of the wild items around them.  Its not realistic to expect them to eat healthy all the time but if we can get them to an 80/20 ratio then we can make a difference in the outcome of future disease."  

As a mother she understands how important it is to teach our youth about eating healthy and she feels that one way to get them to make better food choices is to get them involved in creating their food. "By growing and cooking their foods they give their food an identity, then they become more willing to try these new things".  

This program has been implemented solely for educating our youth about gardening and enjoying the nature environment.  In the event there is excess produce grown from this garden, that produce will be distributed among those that participate or sold at the local farmers market to aid in providing funds for the program.    The current produce from this garden is minimal and used for educational purposes as well as snacks during the sessions.  

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